1. Meeting speeches

    Whether your group needs a humorous luncheon speech or an inspirational topic for a retreat, there are many topics to choose from. They can be done in "real time" or as an historical character.

  2. Trainings

    Half day/ full day workshops are available for Disaster Preparedness, Emotional/Spiritual Care or Autism Awareness.

  3. Costumed Characterizations Whether for a school group to celebrate Dr Seuss or to emphasize a Biblical/Inspirational point

Who Am I

My Dream, My Mission


Ecclesiastes 3 tells us "to everything there is a season" and I feel a call that my season is now.


My life has taken many turns but I have always found myself in a position of teaching and sharing. Now is the time to combine that with important causes to provide inspiration through speaking and drama or information through training. If I can touch a heart with a presentation or provide guidance through a training then my mission will be accomplished.

What is available?

Barbara Hassall, Inc.

Drama Queen in a serious world.

There are messages that need to be heard by the masses, but only if they are "engaged". I take serious topics such as Autism and deeper moral truths such as Jesus' love for us all and present them in dramatic ways.


​Drama Queen in a serious world